Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Storch Magnetics at Belmont Park!

Did you know that Storch Magnetics services other industries besides materials separation and material handling solutions?
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Storch has earned its reputation providing quality customer service and manufacturing great products such as industrial conveyors and industrial magnets, and now our magnets are being used in an industry that might surprise you: horse racing!

This past year, American Pharaoh became racing’s 12th Triple Crown Winner! If you’re a fan of horse racing, you know that the condition of the track can make or break any race, and even impact the long-term career of a horse.

At Belmont Park, home of the Triple Crown, Storch Magnetics supplies magnets that are used to sweep the track and keep it free of debris such as nails from horseshoes. A track groomer, (or a tractor with what looks like a large metal rake) is pulled over the track to pick up any metal objects that have made their way onto the track.

This keeps the track safer for horses by reducing accidents caused by horses stepping on foreign metal objects, which can sometimes be fatal. Storch Magnetics is proud to provide a great product that keeps the track safer, and ensures that the race will go on!

Looking For More?

For more about the industries Storch services, and more about our industrial magnets and industrial conveyor systems, visit our website to learn more! Request a quote today to see how Storch can apply their wide variety of magnetic solutions to your business!

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