Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Why Should You Invest In a STORCH Magnetic Slide Conveyor System?

Do you work in an industry where you need to transfer ferrous parts or metal scrap quickly and efficiently?

Are you losing money to maintenance costs on machinery that needs belt replacements and reoccurring maintenance?

Are you creating an unsafe work environment for your employees because you aren’t using the safest products available?

STORCH wants to help you! STORCH Magnetic Slide Conveyors are the perfect fit for your business. Since they use powerful ceramic or rare earth magnets that operate under a slider plate, there are no external moving parts and they operate virtually maintenance free!

This means our Magnetic Slide Conveyors are more economical, more efficient, and safer. You’ll save money, increase productivity, and increase the safety of your workplace when you invest in a Magnetic Slide Conveyor system from STORCH.

STORCH Magnetic Slide Conveyors are Custom Built to Order!

STORCH has over 60 years of application and manufacturing experience, and will custom build a magnetic conveyor system especially for your equipment! Since STORCH wants to make sure you are completely satisfied, they offer free engineering assistance for every installation.

Visit our website or call us today at (734) 591-2200 to speak to our experts and find out how a magnetic conveyor system from STORCH can help your business!

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