Friday, August 21, 2015

Do Magnets Work In Space?

At Storch, magnets are a big part of what we do. Whether we use them in building our Magnetic Slide Conveyors or sell them in bulk to our many customers, we always have magnets on our mind. Whether you are aware of it or not, magnets are a part of all of our lives; they are in your car, your computer, and the speaker in your cell phone. There are currently Storch magnets in satellites orbiting the Earth right this second, which got us to thinking: How exactly do magnets act in space?

Here is a cool video we found on YouTube of video game designer Richard Garriott demonstrating how magnets work in space while aboard the International Space Station. He uses two magnets to see if, in microgravity, they interact with each other the same way they do on the surface of the Earth, if magnetic forces act at a distance, and where do they point. The Earth has a magnetic field that causes it to act like a giant magnet. Let's see how these forces act in space:

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