Monday, October 26, 2015

Magnetic conveyors make your machine more efficient!

When you need a parts conveyor, what are your options?

What are the advantages of magnetic conveyors over traditional conveyor belts?

Who are the experts in this field and what kinds of options do they provide?

Will you be able to find the machine you need for your unique manufacturing setup?

Magnetic parts conveyors are much lower maintenance than conventional conveyor belts. All the moving parts are sealed under the stainless steel, single-piece slider bed, preventing jamming, contamination, and additional wear. This also makes them ideal for submerged environments. There are no belts to replace, and the magnets in the conveyors are good for life. Our automatic chain take-up adjustment, sealed continuous lubrication, and magnet-to-chain “floating” attachment all keep Storch conveyors and your production line running longer and more efficiently.

When set to the proper length and run speed, magnetic parts conveyors are much more effective at draining coolant from metal chips or other waste parts. They also run more quietly and leave no moving parts exposed to workers, creating a safer, more pleasant work environment.

Storch Magnetics is focused on delivering the very best magnetics, separation, and material handling solutions to make your production more efficient. The difference is clear- your magnetic parts conveyor will be safer, quieter, and run longer with less maintenance.

Many manufacturers ask these questions. When it comes to parts conveyors, Storch Magnetics is a leader in Michigan. We have over 60 years of application and manufacturing experience and have built and shipped over 5,000 units since 1978. So trust us when we say that once you switch to magnetic slide conveyors, you’ll never look back.

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