Thursday, October 29, 2015

How Magnetic Slide Conveyors Impact the Environment

Are you concerned about your business’s environmental impact?

Are you looking for ways to make your production line more green?

Have you considered your parts conveyors?
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Storch Magnetics has the answers to these common questions. Magnetic slide conveyors are not only safer and more efficient, but also better for the environment!

The magnetic elements of slide conveyors are permanent, and last for life. No conveyor belts are needed, so all the materials you’d otherwise need for repair or replacement can be put to use elsewhere. Magnetic conveyors require much less maintenance, cutting down the time, money, and resources needed.

It’s not just about saving money. Decreasing the environmental impact of your machines is a progressive move that your customers and partners may appreciate. Environmental awareness is required for every industry, and magnetic parts conveyors are another way you can show you’re ahead of the curve.

We have over 60 years of manufacturing experience, and we’re happy to use it to help you make your production line more green and efficient. Give us a call at 734-591-2200 or email us at, and we can give you more advice on improving your facilities today!

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